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Fall Protection Safety

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Fall Protection Safety encompasses all the Fundamentals and Regulations regarding Fall Protection. Target Audience Novice or Experience People for Fall Protection. Site Specific and On Site Training Available. Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehend Fall Protection Fundamentals and Regulations
  • Understand Methods of Eliminating the Fall Hazard
  • Identify the Components of Personal Travel Restrain and Fall Arrest Systems
  • Understand Equipment Specifications, Limitations, Care and Inspection
  • Understand Methods of Proper Planning when Controlling Fall Hazards
  • Understand the Need for Rescue Planning and Preparedness


  • Fall Accident Statistics
  • Dynamics of Falling
  • Fall Protection Planning
  • Clearance & Free Fall Calculations
  • Anchor Points
  • Connectors
  • Equipment Care and Inspection
  • Rescue Principles
  • Governing Bodies and Regulations
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Fall Arrest System Components
  • Donning a Harness
  • Suspension Trauma

Required Time

  • 4 Hour Course – Theory and Practical
  • Re-Certification Dependent on Class Size (2 Hours Approx.)

Skills and Knowledge

  • Theory (Require 80% for Pass)
  • Student Demonstration (Require 80% for Pass)

Understand the Following

  • Rules, Regulations and Standards Governing the use of Fall Protection
  • The Different Types of Fall Protection
  • How to Spot Fall Hazards and Protect Yourself Against Them
  • What Method of Fall Protection is Required for the Task at Hand
  • Engineering Out the Hazards Wherever Possible
  • The Hazards Associated When the Proper Fall Protection is Not Used
  • How to Complete the Proper Pre-Use Inspection of the Gear and the Rejection Criteria

Delivery Method for this Training is Divided Into

  • Theory – Manuals, Powerpoint, & Videos
  • Practical – Student Demonstration and Assessment
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