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Life skills refers to ‘soft skills’ (attitudes and behaviours) needed to manage and cope with the stresses of day to day life. These primary skills are important because they give people more control to improve their lives. Many people feel trapped in a life full of limits and frustrations because they have never been taught the kind of life skills that have the power to transform almost every aspect of their current situation.

In a fast-paced, production-focused manufacturing work environment, it is imperative to have strategies in place to effectively deal with any challenges you may face in your personal life.

Throughout the week, participants will explore, understand and practice skills that will range from budgeting, personality styles identification and self-esteem building to goal setting and time and change management strategies. All of the curriculum developed for the life skills portion of the training program is designed to complement participant strengths and support achieving and sustaining employment in the heavy manufacturing industry.

This hands-on, student-centred approach to life skills training will give individuals real-life, real-time practical applications of the concepts presented. Participants will learn self-assessment skills that will help them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and guide them through processes that will move them forward with their personal and professional growth now and throughout their working life.

Life skills are the key to navigating the complexities of work/life balance and they are the foundation for building a happy, healthy and productive life.

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